Oxynomia advises and assists businesses in all competition matters (anti-competitive practices, unfair competition, restrictive practices).
Our lawyers are also experts in all aspects of consumer law and promotional and advertising practices.


  • Understanding French and European competition legislation
  • Complying with competition legislation in your contracts
  • Training your staff in good practices and legal requirements
  • Preparing for inspections by the competition authorities
  • Defending your interests before the Competition Authority or the Government
  • Defending you in cases of unfair or parasitical competition

Consumer law

  • Drawing up General Terms and Conditions of Sale in compliance with the law
  • Collecting and legally processing personal data
  • Managing consumer disputes and defending class actions or Government actions
  • Ensuring the conformity of products and their distribution
  • Drawing up a purchase order for Internet or door to door selling
  • Ensuring that your advertising and promotional operations are legal
  • Dealing with the risk of e-reputation (online reputation)


  • Selecting a distribution method
  • Creating a door to door selling network
  • Creating a franchise network
  • Putting in place a trade partnership network
  • Drawing up contract clauses
  • Assisting with the contractual organisation of distribution networks
  • Helping you to draw up and negotiate contractual documents for all types of business relationships (distribution, franchise, trade partnership, agency, joint venture, networks)

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