Oxynomia is the name chosen by the partners who founded this Parisian law firm with the wish to be their clients’ “Oxygen” for all their legal issues. A team of 18 dedicated to Corporate Law. Meet-up.

The values set by the four partners form the bedrock on which Oxynomia’s identity is built. We can first mention working to very high standards, an essential value given what is at stake when our clients, mainly French and foreign SMBs, entrust us with their legal issues.

This core requirement means each lawyer brings genuine expertise to bear in a given area in order to address all issues facing the firm’s clients; this is also a moral requirement that ensures all the firm’s lawyers only propose pragmatic solutions and a proactive and balanced treatment of litigious situations; working to high standards is synonymous with delivering on the undertakings we give to our clients.

Goodwill is also a strong value at our law firm where the attitude is first and foremost a human one. In practice this is reflected in the educational attitude we take with clients in explaining legal concepts, time limits and aspects of law. This goodwill is mainly rooted in the experience of seeing clients caught up in the day to day concerns of their company and having very little spare time. “The facts are known by the clients. They get these across to us better when a bond of trust is there. Then our expertise consists in qualifying these facts with respect to the law and defining the legal mechanisms that will apply. We work in a team with our clients. Dialogue is on-going and we are attentive to their expectations. We share with them the strategy that will be put in place to achieve our goals and inform them of the outcome that can be expected from this strategy” said Maître Sylvie Lérat, a partner at Oxynomia. “We make sure clients do not have any unpleasant surprises in terms of the cost of our services by giving them estimates at as early a stage in the process as possible. For simple cases we can work on a flat rate basis”.

The skills available at the Oxynomia firm cover all issues that can face company leaders: Corporate law, Tax law, Labour law, Competition and Distribution law, Consumer Law, Banking law and just recently, Criminal law, with the coming of a new lawyer specialised in this area.

At present, one of the main concerns of company leaders is the new “pay as you earn” taxation system. Companies will have to collect income tax and company leaders have numerous questions about this: what are their obligations? What must they do? In practice, the tax authorities will set a tax rate for each employee before deducting the tax allowance for expenses and without taking account of tax credits. Employers will be informed of this rate and they must take it into account in the Déclaration Sociale Nominative (the new payroll reporting system to be applied by companies). “In general, we keep a watch on developments and have a Twitter account that all company leaders can follow to stay informed. For pay as you earn taxation, we help companies by putting in place training sessions and we also organise meetings within companies at their request so that employees can be informed of their rights and the procedures the authorities are putting in place”.

With 4 partners already and 8 staff lawyers, the Oxynomia firm will continue to grow in the future. And taking account of people does not just apply to our clients. “We live like a company. Technological change and current sociological developments enable us to work differently. While we need experts to invest in our firm, we also take care to nourish our talent by offering flexible working times and a good working atmosphere. We are determined to deliver high quality work to our clients and for this we need happy and motivated staff” Maître Sylvie Lérat concluded.