Our team offers a full range of services in the field of corporate, financial and employment restructuring, prevention (ad hoc mandate, conciliation) and treatment of difficulties (safeguard, administration and liquidation) in addition to all related litigation.

We assist managers, listed or unlisted companies and/or their shareholders in their reorganization and restructuring projects (financing, employment, M&A, tax, competition, etc.), in synergy with the other departments of the firm.

We also represent French or foreign creditors facing with the insolvency of their counterparty, in order to advise them in the preservation of their rights and the recovery of their claims.

We are regularly appointed by French or foreign groups and investors to present takeover bids on insolvent targets in various sectors (retail, service, defense, IT, real estate, etc.) ; an area in which we are particularly active.

We are familiar with European insolvency regulations, cross-border proceedings and many foreign concepts, such as Chapter 11 or 15 in US law or Arrangement Scheme in common law.

We are also active in all litigation related to civil or criminal liabilities of directors and shareholders, guarantees, recovery cases and more generally with all proceedings related with insolvency and bankruptcy.

Our clients are based in France, Europe and in many countries worldwide (US, China, Middle East, Africa, Japan, South América).

Turnaround and pre-insolvency :

  • Diagnosis and strategy
  • Company restructuring (indebtedness, employment reduction, assignment of receivables, assets, capital increase, etc.).
  • Sale of the company or new investment scheme
  • Pre Pack deal
  • Ad hoc mandate or conciliation procedures (pre-insolvency)
  • Follow-up of the proceedings and negotiation

Insolvency proceedings :

  • Implementation of safeguard, receivership, administration or liquidation proceedings
  • Proof of claim / claim of ownership
  • Assistance in relations with administrators and liquidators
  • Preparation, negotiation and drafting of the continuation plan
  • Follow-up of the continuation plan
  • Preparation, negotiation and drafting of the disposal plan
  • Preparation of takeover bids
  • Drafting of assignment deeds
  • Follow-up of the proceedings before the Commercial Court
  • Follow-up of liability actions and sanction proceedings

We are available to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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