The firm

Oxynomia is a combination of the words oxygen and law (nomos) symbolising our desire to throw open the windows and let the legal environment be bathed in fresh air and clarity.


Provide our clients with the assurance of a lasting and serene lawyer relationship.


Create a partnership with our clients in an “oxygenating” climate by developing high performance solutions.


High standards, Goodwill, Transparency

The background

Four partners and their teams came together to create a firm that looks to the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

Acutely aware of the need to continually question our profession in a rapidly changing economic environment, we decided to throw all our energy into this new adventure with the goal of better serving our clients by facilitating access to legal solutions and fostering a smoother relationship with our firm.

We are sensitive to our clients’ needs and attentive to technological changes that can overwhelm our professional practice with the goal of being in a better position to take such changes on board.


As for fees, we make sure clients do not have any unpleasant surprises in terms of the cost of our services by giving them estimates at as early a stage in the process as possible.

For simple cases we can work on a flat rate basis.


The OXYNOMIA firm’s project is a real entrepreneurial and human adventure.
The vision behind this project is totally in phase with our clients’ challenges and enables us to take up these challenges with great efficiency.


I opted for OXYNOMIA after seeing how teams always put clients first and the opportunities there were to intervene in a wide variety of areas.


At OXYNOMIA I found a human sized law firm that enables me to develop my full potential in my preferred area, general corporate law.