A law firm specialised in corporate and business law

An oxygenating partnership you can rely on.

With an experienced, multi-skilled team of lawyers, following a strategic vision and working to high standards,
Oxynomia advises clients and defends their rights with expertise, empathy and goodwill.

Our skills

We provide legal counsel to companies of all sizes, small, medium and intermediate sized companies.

We help our clients:
– Clarify their goals
– Draw up and customize the best legal and judicial strategy for their company

Our renowned multi-disciplinary expertise means we can intervene in every area of corporate and business law.

We are available to answer any questions you may have.
Do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Full success for the 3 years of Oxynomia

Full success for the 3 years of Oxynomia. When the infinitely large joins the infinitely small with Yvan Griboval, sailor explorer and Victoire d'Harcourt, painter photographer.

Oxynomia: A legal team at your side to lighten up your daily business life!

Oxynomia is the name chosen by the partners who founded this Parisian law firm with the wish to be their clients’ "Oxygen" for all their legal issues. A team of 18 dedicated to Corporate Law. Meet-up. The values set by [...]

Sylvie Lérat and Oxynomia rewarded with 8 positions in Décideurs magazine’s 2016 rankings

Every year Décideurs magazine draws up the rankings of the best law firms in France and this is a formidable tool for company managers. Check out this year’s rankings