Oxynomia advises and helps natural persons as well as legal persons facing the risk of criminal proceedings or who wish to take action in the criminal law area, by focusing on the specific challenges in play in each case and which can be very significant by their very nature.

  • Prevent the criminal law risk, in particular related to labour and environmental law infringements, through training actions for companies and by carrying out audits
  • Put in place power delegation systems for health risk prevention and prevention of risks related to safety and security
  • Help and defend company managers, leaders, corporate officers, employees and legal persons being prosecuted as perpetrators or accomplices before investigation bodies (judicial bodies), control administrations and bodies (labour inspectorate, DGCCRF…), criminal courts and public authoriities (AMF…).
  • Draw up and file suits or file a civil suit in a criminal proceeding being led by the Public Prosecutor or examining jurisdictions, assist civil parties before criminal jurisdictions

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